November 2013: Fourth Month Progress Report

This is my forth month and I'm still not happy with my progress. I know I can do so much better but I am still not pushing myself to my potential. My blog now has 49 posts which means I only wrote 6 posts from last month. That is really bad. But the blog is still increasing in terms of visits and revenue, so my laziness is not affecting it badly. Just that it could progress faster.

Here's a graph of my visits in November:

My Google Rank has also improved very slightly as you can see here:

This is my income report for November 2013:

SQUIDOO: not updated
ADSENSE: $0.31
AMAZON: $63.15

TOTAL: $63.46

Sadly, though it is an improvement, it is just a tiny improvement. Was hoping to double it this month. But this is what happens from laziness.

This is my stats for the month:

Total Unique Visits: 4838
Average Per Day:  161
Unique Visitors Thru To Amazon: 1014
Click Thru Rate: 20.96%
Number Of Sales: 51
Conversion: 5.03%
Average Sales: $1.24

The improved Click Thru Rate is because of the hyperlinks I have placed on my images.


October 2013: Third Month Progress Report

This is the third month for my brand new blog and it is seeing some good progress. I have so far written 43 posts and done a little more backlinking. Here's a summary of the analytics for it:

This also means that my ranking has greatly improved with most of my keywords ranked on the first page.

This is the Income Report for October 2013:

SQUIDOO: $6.54
ADSENSE: $0.63
AMAZON: $47.05

TOTAL: $54.22

With this, I have more than doubled my income from this blog.

The real key is to understand my stats. Here's what I have gathered for October 2013:

Total Unique Visits: 3510
Average Per Day:  113
Unique Visitors Thru To Amazon: 600
Click Thru Rate: 17.09%
Number Of Sales: 55
Conversion: 9.17%
Average Sales: $0.85

With these stats I will be able to better plan my strategy to convert better.


September 2013: Second Month Progress Report

Ok, it has been almost two months since I began my new blog. Progress has been slower than I wished due to my day job work commitments but it is growing steadily.

I have so far written 33 posts on my blog. And I have implemented my Backlinking Strategy steadily with an Anchor Layer, Secondary Layer, Social Bookmarking, Youtube Videos and PDF as well as Slide Sharing. This has allowed my site to gain steadily on Google and I have been getting a steady increase in traffic as you can see in my Google Analytics chart below:

This has also given me a better ranking with Google as you can see below:

Here's a summary of the income I got for the month of September 2013:

SQUIDOO: will only know mid month
ADSENSE: $1.32
AMAZON: $21.92

TOTAL: $23.24

It may still seem small but it is progressing and I am happy.

My goal now is to finish up my 50 posts by this month, and implement at least 50% of my Backlinking Strategy by end of October. This should help place my site firmly on Page One of Google.